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Both Catalans and Basques have cultures and languages all of their own. Their respective histories reveal stories of oppression and pressure to conform, yet they have tenaciously protected their unique and colourful ways of life. As visitors we share in the rewards of such commitment.

By happy accident, both the Basques and the Catalans are renowned for their cuisine, warmth, and joie de vivre, so they are interesting and friendly people to meet.



From the surrealistic paintings of Salvador Dalí and Joan Miró to the fantastic architecture of Antoni Gaudí, the Catalans have made some world-class names for themselves in the fields of art and architecture. Activity and accomplishment have flourished here since Roman times. Catalunya is a seat of high Mediterranean culture.

To Catalans, Catalunya is not another region of Spain but a different country, a world unto itself. Although Spanish is spoken here, it is the romantic, lyrical Catalan tongue that you’ll hear in the streets (or carrers).Catalunya pulls off the rare balancing act of remaining poised on the world’s cutting edge of innovation and commerce while remain-ing attached to centuries-old tradition. And it’s all carried off against the backdrop of some of Europe’s most compelling scenery. Catalunya offers dramatic contrasts to all the senses.



The Basques call their country “Euskadi”. Visitors call it breathtaking. You’re sure to recall it as an all-time favorite travel destination. The Basque homeland in the French and Spanish Pyrenees is a little-known yet spellbinding region. This land of mystery and contrast holds a different vista
every day. Green rugged hills that meet the sea forming a dramatic coastline lined with beaches and world-class cities holding internationally acclaimed attractions.

Amid this stunning scenery, you’ll meet the incomparable Basque people. At work, at play, at rest, these are people who embrace you instantly with their smiles, indulge you with their cooking, entrance you with tales of bravery and pride plucked from their ancient and colorful history. Back in our world of over stimulation, you’ll never forget the Basques and their captivating mélange of sincerity, eccentricity and pride.


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