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Get out from Bilbao to the Biscayan coast. We will enjoy the  panoramic views of the coastal towns such as Bermeo, a town with a strong sailor tradition, and Mundaka, located in the river mouth of the Mundaka river and famous because of its surf championships , and finally Gernika.

Before having meal, we will visit the Txakoli winery where after learning the techniques to elaborate this wine we will taste it.


Meal in a restaurant of the center.


Before returning to Bilbao, we will visit the “Casa de Juntas” of Gernika. The heart of the monument is the “Gernika Tree”, where the meetings of the Dominion of Biscay were organized. The current building it’s a good neoclassical example built by Antonio Echevarría. The building combines the functions of the Church and the parliament. For that reason, a circular area was built where in each side the seats for the members of the parliament are located and in the heading, you can find an altar where the president desk is located.


After finishing the visit, return to Bilbao.

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