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Our Wine & Gastronomy tour of La Rioja and the Basque region of Spain gives  you unmatched entree  into this land which  provides some  of the most famous  food, wine  – and chefs – to the rest of Europe.


The tour  – One week of fine foods and wine, including visits to:

• Bodegas and restaurants where lamb  is grilled over grapevines that have  earlier provided the grapes for the Riojas we’re  drinking;

• Elegant restaurants that serve the finest seafood and meat  – the raw  material the   culinary artistry of chefs  who  may  be destined for global fame;

• Markets where the freshest  fruit, the most glorious vegetables  and intriguing artisan cheeses compete for pride of place.


There are a handful of places in the world where you  can come face-to-face with cuisine that has been  raised  to high  art.  This region remains Europe’s best-kept culinary secret; you’re about to discover its memorable tastes in all their complexity and charm.

Travel through La Rioja and the Basque region of Spain and you will encounter wines so flavourful, aromatic and mellow that even the French in Bordeux have grudgingly awarded many of their most prestigious medals to La Rioja labels in recent wine challenges.

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