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The Calgary Herald has realized an article related to Basque Gastronomy:

The jet set's gastronomes know that of Spain's six restaurants that have been awarded three Michelin stars, three are in San Sebastián.But in the city's picturesque old quarter (Parte Vieja), a grid of streets is filled with dozens of bars wooing locals and tourists alike with counters filled with platters of what would be tapas elsewhere in Spain and the world, but are known in San Sebastián as pintxos.

The Basque word literally means "pierce" or "spike," referring to the toothpick or skewer that fastened the first pintxos in the 1930s and 1940s to a piece of bread.Ordering was always a breeze, given that some bar staff spoke English and some pintxos were well-labelled and could be ordered by simply pointing.A few alcoholic beverages were downed in the process - what's a pintxo without a glass of txakoli, the cloudy, white Basque wine? - but not so many that I couldn't drive back to France after that final pintxo, satiated but already dreaming of a return trip.

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