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Montreal Gazette claims that Pintxos are a delicious gateway to a culture and cuisine 

Seafood reigns in San Sebastián. Whether the popular Gilda pintxo (Basque tapas, or bar snack) made with a salted anchovy, pickled guindilla peppers, a green olive and plenty of olive oil, tortilla de bacalao (cod omelette), or ttoro (fish soup), seafood is prevalent in restaurants and pintxo bars in the seaside city.Renowned for the high concentration of Michelin-starred restaurants in the area, such as AkelarreArzak and Mugaritz, there is plenty at street level, particularly in pintxo bars, to occupy food-oriented visitors as well.


Poteo, or bar-hopping, is the way to enjoy pintxos. Do as the locals do, and have one or two pintxos with a small drink (zurito – a quarter pint of beer, txakolí – sparkling white wine, or sidra – cider), and then move on to the next bar. Pintxos have evolved from simple snacks held together with a toothpick (pintxo means ‘spike’) to more elaborate small dishes.

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