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Argo and San Sebastián 

Argo, winner of the Oscars, presented its European Premiere at San Sebastián.
The Spanish division of the multinational Warner  Bros. settled in Hollywood influenced the decision to perform the European premiere of Argo in San Sebastian.

Argo was the absolute winner of the last Oscar celebration, it won in  the following categories: best movie, best picture, adapated screenplay and film editing.

A representative of this division claimed that San Sebastián Festival was the best spot for the movie premiere as this festival  it’s a door  for the rest of Europa due to its importance and repercussion.

Besides, this festival is known worldwide specially in Hollywood where most of the movies are made, this representative also said that the Festival has an important background and a impeccable fame among professionals such critics, movie directors and actors.ç

Several main representatives of  Warner Bros went to the European Premiere ,as a result, they have more projects to present in San Sebastián.

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